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Twinks Have 3 Way By The Pool

Smooth twinks: Chase Young, Luke Allen, and Kyler Ash have a gay 3 way outside by the pool

Chase Young, Luke Allen, and Kyler Ash are relaxing outside by the pool when the fun turns to sex in this scene at 8teen boy. Why wouldn’t it? All three of these smooth bodied twinks are cute and horny. All it takes is Chase to start things and the the three are naked and sucking each other in no time. Kyler bends over a deck chair for Chase to grind on his hairless behind. Luke lies face down on the char for Kyler to mount him. Kyler sticks his hard cock up Luke’s sweet ass while sucking Chase’s dick. Next it is time for Chase to play the middle. He lies face up with legs in the air for Kyler to fuck him while his head is in Luke’s lap. Luke is jerking off with a bird’s eye view of the action. Luke sprays his cum across Chase’s cheek. Chase sprays his load onto his stomach which is added to Kyler’s cum. Even though Chase acts as the cum dumpster all three are lucky to have such fun friends to fool around with on a warm day.

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Brycen Cox Cums at 18 Boy

big dicked twink - Brycen Cox - jack off cum shot

As stated at Best Online Gay Porn – “Brycen Cox is a busy boy“. The big dicked 18 Boy twink has done a hardcore sex scene with Keine Sorgen and a hot solo scene that you see pictures from above. Brycen looks so damn good! This 18 year old Latino boy has everything I go gaga for in a twink. Lets start at the top and work our way down his tasty body saving the best bits for last.

Brycen has a smooth face that looks like it has never been touched by a razor. His dark eyes and dark hair match his dark skinned Latino complexion. When he takes his shirt off we see the first of a few tattoos and a totally smooth chest that is accented with a pierced left nipple. A very light treasure trail runs from his belly down into his loose pants. Brycen rubs his body and gives a 360 view before he lowers his pants in a sexy tease then drops them completely to show us his amazing privates. It is hard to tell what I like best about Brycen; his 8 inch cock or smooth bubble butt. His dick is already semi hard and looks great when he lowers his pants. His pubes are trimmed short but not shaved like a lot of twink porn models do. Trimmed short is my personal preference. On his groin area is a large tattoo of birds and flowers. It isn’t very masculine for a Latino boy. maybe that is why he put it in a place that only a select few get to see. The foreskin on the end is slightly back from his swelling head. He turns around to show off his great ass and feet. Like the rest of his body, his ass is completely hairless and baby smooth. When he leans forward and spreads his cheeks there is a little bit of hair around his hole that has been shaved smooth. After giving another naked 360 tour of his smooth body Brycen gets to work pumping his big dick. It isn’t long before he shoots a sticky load of jizz onto his lower stomach. The white cum looks great on his dark skin along side his treasure trail.

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